A Yorkshire Energy Doctor CIC event

Energy Ambassadors course 27

Energy efficiency - home

About this event

Are you involved in your local community or do you work for a voluntary or public sector organisation?

Build your skills and knowledge by joining us for our virtual energy training course. Run over 3 sessions (1.5 hours per week), this enjoyable and informative course aims to raise awareness of ways to save energy and how you can support others to reduce costs.

This information is never more important than at the current time when we have just had the announcement of massive price rises from 1st April and the stories we are already hearing of households who are just not turning their heating on.

You can learn about:

  • Fuel poverty and local statistics
  • Understanding energy use in the home
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving tips
  • The current situation around energy prices, energy suppliers and how to manage energy bills
  • Support schemes for vulnerable groups
  • Becoming part of a network of Community Energy Ambassadors
  • All content is updated for every course to reflect ongoing changes in the world of energy.

Unfortunately we can’t provide you with tea and biscuits but we can provide a face-to-face virtual meeting space via Zoom where you can interact with us and others!

Please note that this is a 3-week course, 1.5 hours per week

  • Mon 4th July, 1.30 – 3pm
  • Mon 11th July, 1.30 – 3pm
  • Mon 18th July, 1.30 – 3pm

The course is funded by Northern Gas Networks and is free to anyone who is based within their operating area (most of Yorkshire, Northern Cumbria and the North East of England).

Due to the demand we will be running this course for the 27th time since the pandemic started back in April 2020 and we have received some excellent feedback:

“Excellent course. As well as actually enjoying it, I really felt I learnt a lot of relevant information which will help our clients and also my own knowledge/experience. Kate and Chris have to be congratulated on being so up to date in a very changing/challenging period. Brilliant.”

“One of the best courses, informative, interesting and useful. Trainers who delivered made the course enjoyable. Great team.”

“Zoom was used very effectively in this course due to the presentation approach and skills of host and co host; also the format – not too long, not too much information, plenty of time to discuss and answer questions, best zoom course so far!”

“Just a big thank you to you and Chris (for the entertainment value!) for providing such an interesting, useful and helpful course. Well worth attending”

“Thank you for the course, I have taken part in a lot of seminars and other online training over the last few months and I have to say I enjoyed yours the most. The material was specific to the topic and will be very useful in my day to day contacts with our members. Also it was nice to have relaxed chat all the way through and to have some fun. Other training I have done has not had this and it really makes a big difference. When we used to do training in person (remember that??) there was always chat over coffee and in breaks and it is an important part of the training”.

“Great course, lots of fun whilst still being informative – I will certainly encourage others to take part in any courses in the future!”