A Charity Digital event

How charity leaders can champion cyber security

Man drinking coffee and attending a webinar on cyber security

Nearly a quarter (23%) of charities thought their leadership was not very skilled or not skilled at all in matters of cyber security, according to our State of Cyber Security survey. In fact, for many CEOs, cyber security was scarcely a priority, with them ranking it sixth behind service delivery, governance, fundraising, finance, and strategy. The charity sector overall placed cyber security third.

Yet the role leadership can play in shaping a cyber security strategy is very clear. Of the charities who said their attitudes towards cyber security had changed since the pandemic, 24% put it down to more awareness from their leadership. Leaders need to be able to ask the right questions about cyber security and understand the risks to their organisation if they fail to implement a formal strategy.

In this webinar, the National Cyber Security Centre will show leaders how they can put cyber security at the heart of their strategy.

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • How to include cyber security in strategy conversations
  • How to implement effective staff training on cyber security
  • The key resources that can help keep your organisation secure

This session will be especially helpful for charity trustees, board members, and managers, but it will hold value for anyone, because anyone can be a cyber security leader.