A Where the Mind Grows event

Managing the mind-muddle; a refreshing approach to a busy leader’s wellbeing

where the mind grows

Join us to experience our unique half-day workshop, delivered in nature, to provide a refreshing and rejuvenating wellbeing experience for busy leaders.

Through a facilitated interactive workshop, led by an experienced leadership coach, you will join fellow peers and leaders in a calming space to explore new ideas and approaches to wellbeing.

The event will provide the opportunity to reflect on your own wellbeing, and that of your team and organisation too, and will equip you with positive tools to help manage the ever-changing complexity and challenges that working within the sector brings.

Included in the experience is a lunch and peer-to-peer networking, helping you to connect and reflect with like-minded leaders.

Please note that due to the positive impact that nature has on mental health and overall wellbeing, this session will take place outdoors.

What will you learn?

The half-day session will include:

  • Self-reflection – the chance to reflect on your own needs and identify areas for enhancing your own wellbeing
  • Strategic approach to organisational wellbeing – the development of a strategically framed vision of a wellbeing culture for your team
  • Improved purpose – the creation of a healthier work environment, reducing stress and burnout, ultimately leading to an increased clarity of purpose
  • Stress-reduction – the skills to manage and reduce your stress levels through spending time in nature
  • Confidence – the opportunity to gain insight, ideas and confidence as a leader
  • Peer connection – the chance to connect with other VCSE leaders to share and reflect.

Who should attend?

This session is designed specifically for leaders in the VCSE sector in North Yorkshire and the Humber, who are looking to combine personal development and wellbeing in order to manage the unique challenges that exist in their organisations.

What's included?

The session includes a 3.5-hour workshop with lunch included.

JK (Jennie-Kate)

Prior to running her coaching company, founder of Where the Mind Grows, JK (Jennie-Kate), gained over a decade of experience working in third sector, private and public health settings and leading mental health and employability services across North and West Yorkshire.

Seeing the challenges and complexity of workplace wellbeing, in a sector that provides amazing and essential support to communities, JK has focused her time and energy on helping people and teams find sustainable and meaningful solutions to mental health and wellbeing.


If using a satnav, please do not follow the directions to the final destination, as it will try to take you down a narrow dead end. We are located at the junction just before you turn down the narrow lane. You will see a wide farm entrance and a tall sign which reads ‘Little Seed Field’.

The address is: Little Seed Field, Nr Ripon HG4 3PU

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