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Meet Peter Principle
Jill Quinn, CEO Dementia Forward Ordinary Extraordinary leaders podcast Once upon a time
Chris Hailey-Norris Leadership Podcast
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Our new leadership development podcast series is now live, offering support and encouragement for existing, new and aspiring leaders in voluntary, community or social enterprises across North Yorkshire.

‘Ordinary Extraordinary Leaders’ is the first podcast series produced by our Community Support North Yorkshire team with the aim of offering leaders an easily accessible and flexible development opportunity – with something for everyone, no matter where they are in their career.


Meet Peter Principle

Mike Hickman, Leadership Training and Development Manager at Community First Yorkshire, invites you to meet Peter (or Petra) Principle. What happens when someone is promoted to the point of incompetence? Mike explains why this isn’t necessarily a bad thing with the right support to help leaders to grow. He explains that, if you are conscious of what it is you can’t do, if you’re conscious of your incompetence, it just means you don’t know how to do something yet, and with the right development, you’ll be able to progress in the next phase of your career.

In this podcast, Mike makes reference to a number of useful resources:

Episode 5: Be a purposeful pioneer

Listen to JK McQuinn, from Where the Mind Grows, as she exhorts us to return to nature as a resource to support ourselves and grow as leaders. JK calls for us to break our own rules, be a maverick and prioritise our wellbeing.

JK challenges us by asking how can we do good things if we’re not good to ourselves? “We can do much more when we’re in a state of calm and replenishment – and nature helps us to achieve that.”

Episode 4: Once upon a time

Listen to Jill Quinn, CEO of Dementia Forward as she takes us on a leadership journey from a playground in Cornwall to her happy ever after at North Yorkshire’s Dementia Forward. Share her love of leadership and aspirations for the future of VCSE leaders.

Episode 3: Sex, Power and Politics in the VCSE sector

Listen to Chris Hailey-Norris, CEO of Up For Yorkshire as he explores people, relationships and how, as a leader, you interact with people based on different perceptions.

Episode 2: How not to break people

Mike Hickman, from the Community Support North Yorkshire team, runs through a Top Ten of tips, concluding with the wise words that you avoid not breaking people by taking care not to break yourself.

Episode 1: What I've learned from bad leaders

The first in our ‘Ordinary Extraordinary Leaders’ podcast series, listen to Mike Hickman, Leadership Development & Training Manager at Community First Yorkshire as he creates a composite Frankenstein’s Monster of bad leadership and shares what good leadership looks like.