Safeguarding resources

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility

Safeguarding can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for new organisations, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve gathered together some useful resources to support colleagues in the sector working with children and adults to ensure service users, volunteers and paid staff are safe from harm.

Resources for safeguarding adults

The North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board Practice Guidance has been agreed as a framework for multi-agency working in safeguarding adults at risk across North Yorkshire.

Policies and procedures – North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board procedures for working with adults.

Resources for safeguarding children

The resources below are provided by the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (NYSCP).

Be Aware: series of North Yorkshire centric and appropriate national resources to provide information, raise awareness and develop knowledge across areas of Child Exploitation.

Policies, Procedures and One Minute Guides

Information for parents and carers

Information for children and young people: The NYSCP also hosts information specifically targeted at children and young people.

VCSE safeguarding assessment checklist

This checklist and resources guide has been produced to support colleagues in the sector working with children and adults to ensure service users, volunteers and paid staff are safe from harm.

This guidance will help an organisation create a policy and procedure that reflects the needs of their organisation and their service users.

Safeguarding training

Safeguarding Children – Basic Awareness Online Learning –  North Yorkshire County Council and North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children’s Partnership have an online learning programme that gives you a basic awareness of child protection issues and how to safeguard children from abuse.

Policy templates

Guidance for writing safeguarding policies, along with templates can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

What to do if you are worried about a child or adult

If you’re worried about a child or adult, information about how to raise a concern is available on the following websites:

Safeguarding your organisation

NCSC cyber security advice – Following the Ukraine crisis and heightened security risks for charities, the National Cyber Security Centre continues to call upon organisations to bolster their online defences.

Protect your charity from fraud and cybercrime  – Fraud Advisory Panel and Charity Commission for England and Wales, Understand the risks and get the tools to better.

Cyber Security Essentials  – Lloyds Bank Foundation have developed a series of free resources and videos to help protect you and your organisation from the growing threat of cybercrime.

NCSC training to prevent cyber attacks – this online training guides small organisations through all the actions needed to be taken to reduce the likelihood of becoming victims of the most common cyber-attacks.

The Met Police’s Little Big Book of Scams  – this booklet highlights the most common frauds people are currently falling victim to and aims to protect yourself against fraud.

Fraud Advisory Pane Keeping your charity safe in the pandemic and beyond  – this is a new help sheet on ‘Keeping your charity safe in the pandemic and beyond’.

Charity Digital – 10 Point Checklist to Help Secure Your Data  – data security should be a priority for every charity. Make sure you have not missed out on any important security measures to keep your data out of the hands of hackers.

SCVO Digital  – digital safeguarding podcast.

Catalyst – DigiSafe: a step-by-step guide to digital safeguarding.

Charity Digital – 5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security  – The first webinar of this series focused on the threats charities face from cyber attacks and the effect this could have on their organisation.

Charity Digital & National Cyber Security Center – Cyber Security: setting up your charity’s risk management regime – NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) host their series of exclusive cyber security webinars for charities.

Charity Digital & National Cyber Security Centre – keeping your charity cyber secure  – A recent NetSquared London meetup outlined how to make your charity cyber secure.